One of the way to get the most out of your Seattle Headshots session is to come prepared.  Here are a few tips we recommend.

Come With a Goal in Mind

Think about the types of roles you hope to land. Keeping these in mind, spend some time in front of the mirror practicing facial expressions and poses that embody the mood you are hoping to achieve. This practice will pay off come the day of the shoot.

What to Wear

Wear something that is classic and simple. You want to draw attention to your face, not your clothes. Earth tones are usually a safe color bet. You want to not only look your best, but feel comfortable in your clothes, so bring your favorites. Also, feel free to bring a variety of wardrobes with you. I will help you pick the most flattering looks and colors for the day.

headshot session preparation


Though we strongly suggest using the talents of a professional makeup artist [we can recommend one if you are interested], though you are free to do your own. The best approach is to use a light matte finish to avoid a shiny, oily look to your skin. Also, pay special attention to highlighting your eyes. Bring any makeup with you for on the spot touch ups.


If you are planning a haircut prior to your shoot, it is best to go to the salon one to two weeks prior to your shoot date. This allows your hair to grow in a bit and look the most natural. The two week window also allows you time to find the best styling techniques for your cut.

What to Bring

QTips can be a lifesaver for smudged makeup. A pocket mirror is also helpful. Other than that, bring your smile!